Linkstreet’s next-gen collaboration and learning platform is simple to use, easy to set up and cost-effective.

The Linkstreet Platform is used for a variety of purposes: training employees, knowledge sharing, collaborating on projects and launching online courses.


Our mobile-enabled solution facilitates video-based collaboration and learning that is real-time, bite-sized, continuous, personalized and engaging.


Transform learning for your distributed workforce through our cloud, video, mobile based integrated platform.

Continuous & Real-Time

Learn something new every day through bite-sized nuggets of knowledge that are easy to consume.


Login to your own secure integrated knowledge portal for personalized access to all your learning content.


Accelerate learning through gamification. Consume video-based content like entertainment.


Capture and share knowledge from any part of your organization through feedback, comments and discussion forums.

Our cloud based, end-to-end software platform helps institutionalize knowledge and connect people with the actionable information required to take decisions. Geographically, our clients span the globe from Singapore to UAE, from Australia to USA.

Our Clients