Recently Arun Muthukumar, CEO and Co-founder of Linkstreet chaired a panel discussion with some of the eminent entrepreneurs like Kaustabh Chakraborty from Urban Ladder, RamuKallepalli from Travel Spice and Arjun Kumar from Housejoy, at an event in Bangalore Corporate Office of 3M.


The focus of the path-breaking Xchange initiative was on building strong competencies like outside-in thinking, embedding innovation in organization culture, customer centric, strategic thinking and personal leadership.


At the event, he spoke about his journey at Linkstreet, and lessons he picked up from his career with Cisco and Bell Labs.


Arun’s talk focused on:

  • How to be an ‘explorer’ at work: Keeping an open mind and looking for potential problems and issues provides opportunities. In the process, you learn a lot and gain the experience to solve problems in the future that have greater complexity.
  • How working outside your frame of reference can help: Cross-functional exposure will open new ways of thinking, provide a new perspective and a deeper understanding of problems, bottlenecks and opportunities.
  • How not to shy away from challenges: Success is sweeter when worked outside the comfort zone. One learns a lot during this process and that can be eventually used to solve new problems in a smarter way.
  • How to stop using the ‘lack of time, lack of resources’ excuse: Time management is very essential for every individual. One can always find time to do something – if one wants to do it badly enough.


Startups are great place to learn, unlearn and relearn. They often have to innovate, perform and thrive with limited resources which can be a big cue for larger organizations. With all the resources and backing of a large entity, a little effort coupled with curiosity and hunger to improve the status quo, any leader in large organizations can truly innovate and indeed ‘make the elephant dance’.



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