Rethinking Learning For Today’s Workplace

Mature technologies such as cloud, mobile, and video, along with availability of faster and cheaper internet, have led to revolutionary changes in the way information and knowledge can be shared and leveraged. Organizations need to take bold steps to adapt to this fundamental shift and start rethinking learning. Read more here.

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Getting Hooked to Feeds

In my previous article I wrote about the ease of learning through a mobile app. This article explores the delivery and structure of learning within that mobile app.


A structured approach is the best route for successful implementation of any learning process inside or outside a Mobile App. It is for good reasons that when a […]

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Mobile Learning, as Easy as WhatsApp

Knowledge is power. Most people would agree with this. Yet if you ask the same people to dedicate time and effort on a daily basis to increase their knowledge, the number choosing to do so becomes a minority. The reasons vary for each individual, but some of the most important reasons are that they do […]

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Video Everywhere II

In part 1 of “Video Everywhere” series, we talked about how video creation, storage and delivery are common and expanding exponentially. In this article, we will cover the management of videos, getting something useful out of it and monetization opportunities.


As videos get created in large numbers (every event, function, workshop, etc. being recorded), they are […]

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Video Everywhere

Finally, we can experience more things visually:

Not just hear about them (think radio cricket commentary of yester years to current live HD streaming of a cricket match – we can see and almost feel it). Not just read text and pictures (think life like animations and preview of places like hotels or tourist destinations or […]

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The Knowledge Tree – Making Learning Easy

Learning always takes place from the known to the unknown. A child can only understand things that it can directly relate to. For example, seeing a ball and learning it is a ball comes first. Then showing that the ball can “bounce” and showing what that means. The child is able to remember this and […]

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