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Traditional corporate learning approaches - either through face to face workshops or using Learning Management Systems do not address two critical elements. Measurable results and feedback about the “level of knowledge” are typically missing. This is because people do not remember what is taught during one-time training workshops.

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Getting Hooked to Feeds

In my previous article I wrote about the ease of learning through a mobile app. This article explores the delivery and structure of learning within that mobile app.   A structured approach is the best route for successful implementation of any learning process inside or outside a Mobile App. It is for good reasons that

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Prof. Narayanan of HBS talks about ‘Redefining Online Learning’

Online education has been slow to take off because educators have been unable to fully exploit the features that this medium offers. The primary problem is that online education has tried to replicate a physical classroom environment. However, people find that watching a video of someone giving a talk online without any real interaction can

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