Healthcare is one critical area where learning something new every day is essential and almost mandatory for everyone involved – doctors, nurses, administrators and auxiliary staffs. Unlike in other professions, the difference in having the right knowledge is a matter of life and death. A better trained nurse or a well-informed doctor literally means more lives saved.

It could be about a right diagnosis, a new disease, a complicated case, new medicines, new policies and procedures and much more. This is particularly important for

  • Doctors and medical students – who must engage in continuing medical education (CME).
  • Corporate hospitals with a large staff and multiple locations, where standardized health care delivery across all departments and locations is an important goal.
  • Nurses and specialists like radiologists and surgeons for whom daily advancements are rapid and keeping up with latest information is mandatory.
  • Training of new staff – especially nurses and other paramedical staff.

The challenges though are plenty:

  • It is nearly impossible to get them into a training room as they are usually tied up in day-to-day tasks.
  • Content creation is a challenge – high quality brief content that can be absorbed quickly is required.

The only possible option is to enable learning through small bite-sized content which requires only about 5-10 minutes of time each day. We propose a searchable, organized, video based knowledge portal with only the right information which each individual can securely access at any time from any device including their smart phone or tablet. Through such a solution, the following scenarios can be enabled:

  • A doctor (by dept.) can get a daily/weekly update of what’s new and important in the form of short video clips.
  • A nurse can stop by and watch latest training information at any time.
  • A hospital administrator can precisely know how many have completed the training on specific content (watch, take assessment and ask a question or provide feedback).
  • Live announcement by the chairman to all locations and departments can be watched in a conference room, laptop or smart phone.
  • Guest expert sessions can be quickly arranged as live or recorded sessions.
  • Hiring can be made easy through quick online assessment with instant results.
  • New employee induction can be standardized and simplified across locations.
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) can be facilitated for all staff.
  • Discussion of cases and grand rounds across multiple locations.
  • Recording and archival of procedures for training and reference purposes.

All of the above and more can be achieved through a single customized, branded knowledge portal. This can be used purely as an internal portal or extended to others outside the organization on a subscription/ registration basis for brand building and monetization purposes. Contact us for more information on how we can help you transform training and knowledge sharing in healthcare in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Write to us at