In my previous article I wrote about the ease of learning through a mobile app. This article explores the delivery and structure of learning within that mobile app.


A structured approach is the best route for successful implementation of any learning process inside or outside a Mobile App. It is for good reasons that when a kid starts his/ her education, he/ she joins class 1 and finishes with class 10 sequentially. It is unheard of to put a kid through class 10 to class 1 or through any random order.


A similar approach is followed when we grow up and enter the working world. At all stages, either we are required to learn something ourselves or we need to impart knowledge to others. In both the cases, it is essential to maintain a logical flow of information to ensure maximum impact is achieved.


This approach is best possible when you are able to do the following things within the Mobile App:

  1. Categorize information to establish a structure.
  2. Break this information into small multi format chunks/packets and bundle them together.
  3. Create different feeds/channel streams through which these chunks can be delivered.


Now, the user can select her areas of interest, subscribe (or get assigned if she is part of an internal organization) to one or more “feeds” and receive bite-sized chunks of relevant information. These chunks could be a bundle of different formats like: video + quiz + image + doc + audio + event. The result is an organized learning experience for the user which helps him/her retain better.


This approach helps the user to store things in a precise way so that he can retrieve the desired piece of information when needed. Also, while browsing through the bite sized “feeds”, the user can choose the chunk that interests him the most and view that whenever he has spare time, even while he is on the go with his mobile.