An easy to use, reliable and cost effective platform to enable all models of online learning

For Education

Whether you want to supplement in-class sessions with digital content or conduct full fledged distance learning programs, Linkstreet can help you

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For Corporate

Linkstreet helps organizations to share information securely, track digital content usage, train distributed workforce and certify employees on training programs

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For Course Providers

Our next generation learning management platform enables you to manage your courses and content online and monetize them

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Use cases

The Linkstreet Platform enables a wide range of use cases applicable to different learner types

Self paced learning

Setup course material and allow learners to start and complete learning goals on their own time

Live virtual learning

Provide distributed learners with online live access to expert instructors allowing for two way communication

Blended learning

Allow learners to consume introductory material online and then use class time to go in-depth

Launch a MOOC

Setup online paid or free courses for anyone to register using the Linkstreet eCommerce module

Host webinars

Facilitate real time interaction between attendees across multiple locations with chat and whiteboard


Linkstreet’s cloud based solution is developed using tried and tested components and is currently being used by over 25,000 users. Our end-to-end platform enables seamless, yet modular functionality so that you can select the modules you require and pay only for what you use