Knowledge is power. Most people would agree with this. Yet if you ask the same people to dedicate time and effort on a daily basis to increase their knowledge, the number choosing to do so becomes a minority. The reasons vary for each individual, but some of the most important reasons are that they do not have the time or the resources or the access to the required knowledge when they need it. Training sessions are scheduled when it is inconvenient or the location is too far for example. However, one thing remains common amongst all these people – they all use a mobile phone. And the same mobile phone can now be used to deliver on time, on demand training on a continuous basis, removing many of the previous barriers.


Since learning is an everyday and a continuous process and people are reluctant to dedicate specific time to it, wouldn’t it be a boon if it became second nature as much as WhatsApping, Tweeting, Facebooking, Quizzup, or the likes of it?


A mobile phone, or rather a smartphone (the range doesn’t matter anymore) today is used widely for many purposes other than the basic functionality of phone calls. Along the same lines, the mobile device can be used as a medium to learn new things dedicatedly and therefore the probability of people consistently using this will be higher. We are dealing with the app world, and a relevant mobile app for learning will be a welcome initiative for the masses. Just recently I had attended a HR Summit, and the attendees reiterated the fact that employee learning process is a challenge even today with all the modern technologies in place. A company’s success is directly proportional to the efficiency and knowledge of their staff. With increasing employees in all functions requiring specialized training, this challenge has to be addressed now by every organization.


Hence, if an efficient mobile app dedicated to learning for the organization is able to connect all the employees across geographies, it can be an effective way to deliver training and other updates as required by the HR and management. An app which is more focused on video based learning will be even more helpful as people are used to watching video clips on WhatsApp or on YouTube. And the usual, “seeing is more retentive than reading” philosophy also plays a significant role. Most of us are in the habit of checking our phones regularly and if learning can be just another notification on our mobile, it will be easier to check that notification at any point of time in the day rather than opening a book/pdf or any other source of learning after a tiring day at work.


Learning is constant, and so is change. And a dedicated learning mobile app for every organization can be that change in the mode of learning to ensure that learning remains constant for every individual.