At Linkstreet, we strongly believe that happy customers are the driving force of our business. We take pride in delivering the best customer experience to our clients.
“The virtual classroom program has been a huge success with our students with live interactive classes regularly held with tutors based in other cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and the technology was provided in bite size modules.”
Dr. Sitara Vikram, Director, CS Academy.
“The Linkstreet platform is more than just an online learning portal. Its user friendly features make it simple for doctors to access and share content as well as deliver and view lectures/presentations online.”
“We have been working with Linkstreet for over two years now, who are our technology partners for online classes conducted by the Executive Education Programme. They are a set of young professionals, who have an in-depth understanding of the entire value chain in the online education space. Their commitment and hard work has been exemplary.”
“Thanks to Linkstreet ‘s latest e-learning platform, my job as the Academic Co-ordinator has become much easier. All our doctors now have their own accounts and they find the platform user friendly. Each doctor is able to view the calendar for the month and receive notifications of lectures, presentations or any other training activity. Quizzes and assignments can be customized based on a ‘need of the hour’ basis, all type of content can be easily made available and discussion forums can be created on various topics.”
“Being in the corporate world for close to 17 years, the better part of it in a management role, I have always been a process-oriented person. Stepping into the world of photography teaching as a full-time profession had its own challenges. Being a one-man army, I had to manage every single aspect of my workshops and photo tours right from workshops registrations, managing and tracking the orders, following up with the participants, receiving the payments, and of course, delivering the workshop.

Linkstreet has built a dedicated online platform fine-tuned to my needs to handle my day-to-day tasks. It has helped increase my productivity and efficiency. They have also integrated video conferencing tools to run my online photography teaching webinars, a first of its kind service in India.

They have provided an easy interface to populate the portal with relevant information like upcoming events, structure of batches, FAQs, and so on. I can manage the portal without a dedicated IT team. The discussion forums and communities make it easy to connect with the participants and the photography fraternity on the same platform as well.

Their support and turn around time has been timely, helping me to run my portal smoothly. I can leave aside the hassle of website management and concentrate on what I do best – Teaching Photography!”